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PEPTEIN® is PB Gelatins' brand name for collagen hydrolysates used in cosmetic applications for skin, hair and nail care.

All our PEPTEIN ® collagen peptides are:
• natural and healthy products;
• non-allergenic;
• clear in solution, and the clarity in water is not affected by pH, temperature or the presence of salts;
• low in viscosity even at high concentration;
• non-gelling;
• cost efficient.

PB's  PEPTEIN® cosmetic proteins are produced using high quality raw materials and special processing techniques, which result in a hydrolysate with high substantivity to the hair and excellent humectants properties. These collagen peptides improve the manageability, shine and body of the hair and are also excellent skin moisturizers.

More information on the application of PEPTEIN® can also be found in the applications section of our website or by consulting our product brochures.

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